About Us

About Us:
JAL Technology is Omani leading  geo-spatial services and solutions provider. in excellence, deliver providing solution designed and developed to be used; to add values to your strategy; planning; daily operational activities.
We provide geo-enabled solutions that impact organization performance; ease communication to engage  executives, to support organization work in collaboration  , to share the information in real-time, and to speed up your organization  internal business process.
Our Main concern is your concerns, we are customer needs focus, committed to deliver in time. Our commitment beyond the project scope and to being with our customer along the project journey is the center of our values, we strive to exceed your expectations.
We are specialized in providing premium services in LoT-Location of Things- the where technology to our customers in the domain of GIS consulting services, Imageries, Enterprise GIS Solutions, GIS Cloud, Project Location Management –MyPros, Data Ready –Portal; Open Data portal; Geo-statistical Portals, Resources augmentation; Capacity Building and More